To customize the TTSN's generated by FastBound, log into your FastBound account, click Settings on the left menu then click on the Dispose tab at the top. 

To turn on/off the ability for FastBound to Automatically Generate Transferor's Transaction Serial Number click the blue toggle switch.

  • Blue, the feature is on

  • Gray, the feature is off

To customize your TTSN Numbers:

  • HTML is not allowed

  • Regular text is allowed

  • The max length of the result is 25 characters

The following number formats are available to use in your TTSN:

  • {Dispose:} - This is the date the item was disposed.
    formats include
    YY - Two digit year
    YYYY - Four digit year
    MM - Abbreviated month name
    MMM - Full month name

  • {Counter:} is a sequence number.
    You can pad the number by adding zeros 

The Counter can be customized to reset:

  • Never (The counter will never reset back to 1)

  • Monthly (The counter will reset back to 1 every month on the 1st day of the month)

  • Yearly (The counter will reset back to 1 on the 1st day of January every year)

Sample TTSN Formats

  • {Dispose:YYYY}-{Counter:00000} (Default Selected) results in 2017-00001

  • {Counter} (Default Option) results in 1

  • {Dispose:YYYY} results in 2017

  • {Dispose:YYYY} results in 17

  • {Dispose:MM} results in 06

  • {Dispose:MMM} results in Jun

  • {Dispose:MMMM} results in June

  • {Counter} results in 1

  • {Counter:00000} results in 00001

  • {Dispose:YYYY-MM}-{Counter:000000} results in 2017-06-000001

  • {Dispose:MMMM-YYYY}-{Counter:00000} results in June-2017-00001 

  • {Dispose:YYYY:MM}-{Counter:00000} results in 2017:06-00001

  • {Dispose:YYYY}-{Counter:00000} Store #3 results in 2017-00004 store #3

  • {Counter:000000000} results in 000000001 

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