The Washington State Firearm Transfer Application can only be generated from an electronic 4473. If you need help on how to start an electronic 4473, please see our help page on Starting an Electronic 4473.

​For the Washington background check button to work you must first link a contact to the 4473. We also suggest that you review and fill out Q24, Q25, Q26a, Q26b, Q26c, and Q26d (if they are necessary) before clicking the Washington background check button at the top of the page.

  • First, link a FastBound Contact to the 4473.

  • Review and Answer (if necessary) Q24 through Q26d.

  • Scroll to the top of the page and click the Save button in the Options panel.

  • Click the Washington button in the Background Check panel

  • On the next screen you will choose the State POC button.

  • FastBound will take you to the page where you can generate the WA state form.

  • Click the printer icon next to the Item details. If you have a small screen you may need to scroll to the right to see it. If there is more than one item on the 4473, FastBound will allow you to print a WA state form for each item.

  • Click on the print icon to the right of the Item details​.

  • A Warning message will show letting you know the form may not be completely filled out. This is a list of things to review. Click the Continue button.

  • The Washington State Firearm Transfer Application will be displayed and filled out as much as possible.

  • Review the form and answer the questions that are blank before printing the form.

  • Be sure to review the following fields:
    - Firearm serial number
    - Make -- (FastBound cannot always fill this field out. If FastBound cannot match the make then Other will be selected by default)
    - Other (no abbreviations) -- (If FastBound selects Other in the Make field, this field will be filled out automatically)
    - Barrel length -- (If the item has a barrel length entered on it, this field will be filled out automatically)
    - Condition -- (if the item has a condition set, this field will be filled out automatically)
    - (Area code) Telephone number -- (If the contact has a telephone number, this field will be filled out automatically)

  • You will always need to fill out the following fields:
    - UBI number
    - Business ID
    - Location ID
    - Eye Color
    - Occupation
    - Buyers Questions

  • After reviewing the form and filling it out, print the form.

  • The buyer and the seller must sign the form in ink on the printed form.

  • Close the form and return to the pending 4473.

Warning: FastBound does not submit this form to the WA state Department of Licensing. That must be completed manually.

Warning: FastBound does not save this form electronically. When you close the form, the changes will be lost. Do not close the form until after you have printed it and have it in your hand.

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