Q: A firearm that was previously reported as theft/loss to ATF and the local PD has been found by the local PD and returned to the company owner that reported it stolen. How do we report the return of this item to ATF? Since the local PD released it to the company owner do we then log it back into the books from him or from the local PD?

A: Per the instructions on ATF Form 3310.11, "Should any of the firearms be located, they should be re-entered into the Record of Acquisition and Disposition as an acquisition entry, and notification should be made to the Stolen Firearms Program." The firearm should be logged in from the entity that returned it to you, whether that is the local PD or another entity. You may contact the Stolen Firearms Program to report the recovered firearm at 888-930-9275 or via email at stolenfirearms@atf.gov

In FastBound you would enter the PD as an Organization and Acquire the Item from them. It is recommended that you make a note on the item saying that it was previously reported as theft/loss and recovered.

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