Section A must be completed personally by the transferee/buyer. The 4473 must also be completed at the transferor/seller's premises or at an authorized event at the time the sale is initiated.

The transferor/seller cannot lead the transferee/buyer to answer any question in a way that enables the sale, this is considered coaching. If there is a question about how to answer a specific question on the 4473 the 4473 has instructions on how to answer the question and those instructions are available to the transferee/buyer by clicking the blue question mark on the 4473 form.

The transferee/buyer should fill out the 4473 on a separate device (this device should not be logged into FastBound). You can use any device that has internet access and a modern web browser. For example, an iPhone, Android, Table, iPad, Chromebook, Surface, etc. Touch screen devices are recommended. 


Your FastBound account has a unique URL for your customers to fill out their 4473. Replace "[your_account_number]" with your FastBound account number.

Once your transferee/buyer is on this page, click the "Start a new ATF Form 4473" button to get started

If you have not entered your 4473 password you will need to enter your 4473 password for them to continue. Once you've entered the 4473 password on this device you will never need to enter it again unless you change it. It is recommended that you set this up ahead of time. 

Your transferee/buyer will now be able to fill out their 4473.

The following fields MUST be filled out.

  • First Name OR Initial Only
  • Middle Name OR Initial Only OR No Middle Name
  • Last Name OR Initial Only
  • Number and Street Address
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Place of Birth, U.S. City and State OR Foreign Country
  • Height, Ft. AND in.
  • Weight, Lbs
  • Sex, Male OR Female
  • Birth Date, MM/DD/YYYY
  • Ethnicity
  • Race, select one or more

Questions 11a through 11i, 12a through 12.d.2, must be answered 

Your transferee/buyer will click "Continue"

FastBound will check to make sure the form is completely filled out. FastBound does not check the form for disqualifying answers, correct misspellings, or suggest answers to questions.

When the 4473 passes FastBound's check for completeness, your transferee/buyer will be prompted telling them they need to verify all of the information on the form before certifying. 

Your transferee/buyer will click "Close" to continue.

This is very important! Your transferee/buyer should take the time to double check their answers before continuing. 

Your buyer will double check their answers and at the bottom: 

  1. Check that they certify their answers
  2. Sign the form, if you have electronic signatures turned on
  3. Choose the Certification Date, this can ONLY be today.
  4. Click "Certify and Submit"

Your transferee/buyer will be shown a message telling them their form is complete and to let the dealer know.
Click "OK" to close the message.

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