You should only use the Terminate button when a 4473:

  • Has been cancelled by the buyer or seller for any reason before a background check is started.

  • A NICS/Background check was conducted, and response of "Proceed" was received, and no items were transferred to the buyer.

  • A NICS/Background check was conducted, and no response was received, and no items were transferred to the buyer.

If a NICS/Background check was completed and no firearms were transferred to the buyer for any reason, you must save the printed and signed copy of the 4473. 

This is an overview of the steps required to terminate a customer-completed electronic 4473. The steps required to terminate an electronic 4473 are designed to help you stay compliant.

To Terminate an electronic 4473 the following information is required.

  • At least one Item must be added

  • A FastBound Contact must be attached

  • The electronic 4473 must be printed

To Terminate the electronic 4473 you must first complete these steps in FastBound.

  • Step 1: Add the Item(s) or similar item(s) to the one(s) the buyer was interested in purchasing

  • Step 2: Attach a contact

  • Step 3: Save and Print the electronic 4473

After the electronic 4473 has been printed.

  • Click the 'Terminate' button

  • Enter the date the 4473 was Terminated

  • Enter a Note explaining why the 4473 was Terminated

  • Click the 'Continue' button

After the 4473 has been terminated, FastBound will remove the 4473 and mark the Contact with a status of Caution and save the notes entered.

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