This is an overview of the steps required to complete a customer-completed electronic 4473 without electronic signatures. The steps required to complete an electronic 4473 are designed to help you stay compliant. Using the electronic 4473 is optional and is not necessary to dispose of items.  

To complete an electronic 4473 without electronic signatures the following information is required.

  • The buyer must completely fill out the form and certify their answers
  • A FastBound Contact must be attached
  • At least one Item must be added
  • Buyer Identification information in Q18a must be entered and saved
  • The electronic 4473 must be printed


After the buyer has completed and certified the electronic 4473, you, the seller, will see the completed electronic 4473 in the list. If you do not see it, refresh your browser. 

To complete the electronic 4473 you must complete these steps in FastBound.

  • Step 1: Attach a contact
  • Step 2: Add the Item(s) 
  • Step 3: Fill out section B
  • Step 4: Save and Print the electronic 4473

After the electronic 4473 has been printed.

  • Have the buyer sign the printed form
    Note: Do this before the background check. If they are denied, they may not want to sign it
  • Complete the NICS/State background check and fill out Q19a through Q19g on the printed 4473
  • Complete the sale with the buyer

After the sale has been completed with the buyer, fill out Q34-Q37 on the printed 4473. Then, return to FastBound and complete the electronic 4473.

  • Step 5: Click the appropriate button for the NICS/State background check results

FastBound will complete the 4473 and either close it or convert the electronic 4473 into a pending Disposition.

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