What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service that also has the ability to sync to your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop operating systems. 

How much does Dropbox cost?

A basic Dropbox account includes 2 GB of storage and is completely free. There are several ways to increase the amount of storage for free. One of which is to invite other users. See Dropbox help for more info.

Do I need to upgrade to a paid Dropbox account?

No, 2GB of storage is plenty of storage to backup and sync even large bound books. If you plan on storing more files than the 2GB limit allows, you may need a paid account. 

Do I have to install their app?

Yes, if you want to automate the daily backup of your bound book. To comply with ATF ruling 2016-1 (5.a) you must download your bound book daily to a computer at your premises.

How do I sign up for Dropbox?

  • Login to your FastBound account and go to Settings > Dropbox

  • If you do not have a Dropbox account click on the "sign up for free" link

  • On the Dropbox signup page enter the required information to create a Dropbox account

  • Check "I agree to Dropbox Terms" 

  • Click the "Sign up for free" button

  • Your Dropbox download should start immediately

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