ATF ruling 2016-1 requires that you must download your bound book at least daily in a format that is unencrypted. To meet these requirements you can enable Dropbox. With Dropbox linked to your FastBound account, FastBound will generate a Bound Book every night and save it to your Dropbox.

To enable Dropbox backups:

  • Login to your FastBound account and go to Settings > Dropbox
  • If you do not have a Dropbox account you can click the "sign up for free" link and create one
  • Check the "I understand and agree" check box and then click the Connect button. 
  • If you are not logged into your Dropbox account you will have to log in to Dropbox.
  • Click the "Allow" button when presented with the following message.

You're done! Return to FastBound and go to Settings > Dropbox to confirm that this feature has been activated.

Check out our Dropbox FAQ page if you have more questions.

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